Project title

Rehabilitation of common natural and cultural heritage for future development of the region
Acronym: Rehab NatCult Heritage
Project ID: HUSRB/1602/31/0128
Total Project budget: 557,602.2 EUR
EU contribution (IPA): 473,961.87 EUR
Start Date: 1 April 2018
End Date: 31 March 2020
Lead Beneficiary: Sándorfalva Varósi Önkormányzat (town Sandorfalva)
Beneficiary 1: Opština Novi Bečej (Municipality of Novi Becej)

Local self-governments of Sandorfalva and Novi Becej are dedicated to preservation and improvement of natural values and environment as well as sustainable development. Accordingly, the basis for the development of the project is the preservation and efficient use of natural resources in Special nature reserve “Slano kopovo”, when it comes to the Municipality of Novi Becej, and Lake “Nadas” when it comes to the town of Sandorfalva. Since both local self-governments have the obligation to take care and maintain these protected goods, their common goal is to develop area based on development of ecotourism. As the potential based on natural values is not used enough, the settlements see a significant opportunity in the development of rural tourism and ecotourism.

The main goal of the project is to use the values and potentials of protected natural areas for the development of ecotourism, as well as the revival of tourism, economy and the local community along with the strengthening of cross-border partnership

Direct beneficiaries of the project are: local population involved in the provision of tourist services, tourist organizations and agencies, natural resources’ managers (organizations and individuals), school-age children, nature-friendly tourists.

The entire local community represents an indirect group of project beneficiaries.

All project activities can be divided into four parts:

I Activities aimed at improving the infrastructure conditions for the development of ecotourism – the construction of access roads as well as parking spaces, the setting of the souvenir shop, the establishment of an educational trail within SNR "Slano kopovo"; Construction of the necessary tourist infrastructure related to Lake Nadas (pedestrian bridge,
stand, observation hall, interactive boards ….), establishment of a thematic route.

II Activities aimed at creating additional value of local products – education and trainings related to standardization of local products, establishment of a system for joint presentation and distribution of local products, establishing the brand "Sandorfalva"…

III Realization of cross-border events with the aim of raising the level of awareness about the importance of common ecotourism development – organization of various cultural events in Novi Becej and Sandorfalva, organization of photo safari, as well as the implementation of events for the purpose of promotion the natural values of the entire area.

IV Activities oriented towards the establishment and development of a tourist destination – seminars and training for professionals, development of the ecotourism strategy of the region, elaboration of a study on the rehabilitation of Lake Nadas.

Lead Beneficiary of the project is town Sandorfalva (Hungary)
Beneficiary of the project is Municipality of Novi Becej (Serbia)


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