As announced, a Crane Festival took place on Friday and Saturday, November 15 and 16, in Novi Bečej and at the Special Nature Reserve ‘Slano Kopovo’. The festival was dedicated primarily to the youngest, so this year the children from Novi Bečej had the opportunity to socialize and meet the children from the partner town Sandorfalva.

The program started with an organized trip to the Slano Kopovo, where all the participants were introduced to the natural values ​​of the reserve and the phenomenon of crane migration through a light walk and guide. Afterwards, a set of workshops was organized at the Visitor Center, where children were introduced to basic principles and skills during their stay in nature, participated in competitive games and other outdoor activities. The program of the festival, after their stay in Slano Kopovo, continued at the Culture Center Novi Bečej, where children could express themselves creatively through workshops of painting, souvenirs and masks, origami cranes and in addition to creative work, the children had the opportunity to exercise science by conducting an experiment simulating global warming.

Parallel with the workshops for children, the exhibition “Novi Becej in objective- Photo safari 2019” was opened from 6 pm where all interested could see only a part of the photos taken during the recently held Photo safari. In total, 40 excellent photographs were exhibited. We would like to remind you that the exhibition will be staged in the lobby of the Culture Center Novi Bečej Municipality until 30.11.2019.

On the following day, on Saturday, November 16, starting at 9:30 am, a students’ mask walk was held along the Tisa quay and through the park, and afterwards, children from Sandorfalva visited The house where Vladimir Glavas was born- the heritage museum and the Church of Araca. This is how the two-day program of the Crane Festival ended. We will use this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and attended the Crane Festival with the hope of seeing you again next year.





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